Mike Sherrard – Wide Receiver

What has the former UCLA Bruin, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, and Denver Broncos wide receiver been up to since retiring from the NFL?  Well we spoke with Sherrard and asked him a few questions.  Below are his responses.

What have you been up to since you retired?

I am the treasurer for the NFL Alumni Association of Southern California.  I also coach football at Beverly Hills High School which gives me great satisfaction.  As a coach I get to mentor the kids and serve as a role model.  I will always love the x’s and O’s of football.  However, my focus is on helping develop the kids become productive adults.  I focus on teaching them the importance of hard work and discipline.  In short, I strive to provide them an ongoing positive influence in their lives.

What would you have done if you had not played football?

I’ve always been interested in Business.  I graduated with a BA in History, but I think I would have pursued owning and running a business. Both my parents were teachers Mike Sherrard - New York Giantsbut I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  The idea of taking something from scratch and making it your own resonates with me.  Also, running a business is highly competitive and that is in my DNA.

What leisure time activities give you joy?

I like to spend time with my kids, travel and exercise.  I have been blessed to have traveled to Australia, Germany, England, Belize, Bermuda, Japan and Jamaica.  My favorites so far are Jamaica and Australia.   Both are beautiful with super friendly people.  In the near future I plan to visit The South of France and Spain.

As an athlete fitness is still very important to me.  I bust a sweat 4 days a week working out.

What are you involved with and how can others help?

I’ve always liked giving back to the less fortunate.  Autism Speaks is a group I have passion for that I would love more people to get involved with through donations of their time and/or money.

What are the most important lessons you learned from the game?

Teamwork is really important.  But from an individual standpoint, the harder you work, the better results you’ll get.  You may not get results right away but over time hard work is almost always rewarded.

What advice would you have given to your younger self?

Nothing really.  Everyone must do “Trial and error.”

 What do you want to accomplish in the future?

Just to be a great dad, continue to be an entrepreneur and give back to outstanding charities.

Who are your heroes?

My parents are my heroes.  Both my mom and dad were athletes.  I was born in 1963 and the next year my mother ran the 80 meter hurdles in the 1964 olympics.  Now that takes strength, determination and organization. My Dad was a college basketball player.   Both parents taught me about hard work and team work.  They never pushed but always supported me by providing access to a variety of sports.   They also showed up to cheer me on.

If you had an opportunity to sit down with anyone who would it be?

Barack Obama would be great!  I don’t know if you can fully appreciate his accomplishments unless you are African-American.  To be Black and become the President of The United States is truly amazing.  The current climate has uncovered how remarkable that feat was.  The  exemplary way he handled himself, through adversary, with no room for error he continually delivered under pressure,..  As the spotlight shined brightly on him he had no hiccups.  He is also a role model great husband, father and family man.