A Second Chance

Community College Donations for At-Risk Youth

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the country hard, especially among America’s working class. Working-class people lost jobs by the millions, and those without college degrees faced the highest unemployment rates. Over a year into the pandemic, community colleges – the education system created to help America’s working-class – continue to struggle.

According to data from the National Student Clearinghouse, enrollment has declined by nearly 10% at over 1,000 two-year colleges since last spring, more than double the decline in enrollment seen at four-year colleges and universities. Enrollment has declined even more sharply among Black and Hispanic students.

Most students suspending their higher education are Black and Latino students, many of whom are at risk. Students who are struggling economically have to focus on basic needs rather than looking for higher education. The need is more significant than ever for financial aid and live-able wage jobs for students in these communities so they don’t have to choose between education and necessities like housing and food.

Shelter37 is a non-profit founded by 2X Super Bowl Champion James Washington. Washington was born and raised in Watts and is committed to giving back to the youth in the community by providing practical life skills, job training, and educational programs. He’s currently the president of the NFL Alumni Association in Southern California. 

Support Our Cause to Help Young Adults Reach their Potential

We aim to grow our resources to offer the program to at-risk community college students throughout Los Angeles County and beyond. We rely on the generosity of our donors, sponsors, and business partners to raise funds. Every dollar gained will go directly to support program costs, including scholarships, computers, study courses, materials, books, licenses, certificates, and more. Your gift of any amount will be a huge part of providing this opportunity for the youth/young adults to access a better life for themselves, their future families, and their communities.

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Your donation will help Young Adults who may otherwise risk the possibility of falling victim to joblessness, crime, and homelessness. 75% of the monies raised will go directly toward supporting students with scholarships, computer equipment, books, transportation, and food supplies, so they don’t have to choose between school and entering the workforce under-equipped. The remaining 25% will be used toward staffing and investments for future scholarships and program funding. Your donations make a difference!


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